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30-07-08, 07:27
Hi, im going to be taking the civic integration exam soon and im looking for helpful tips and perhaps some study guides i can pull up online.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


30-07-08, 10:31
Maybe this might be helpful for you, http://www.dutchgrammar.com/forum/index.php?sid=9bceedbf9e3d0dfb7f05d7cab05d018a There is a part for the exam. I am not taking the exam myself but I find the site useful.

Good luck

chilli crab
30-07-08, 12:46
Personally, I like this one: http://www.learndutch.org/Dutch/Dutch.html. It comes with audio files. You will need an audio card in your pc. Sukces!

01-08-08, 08:31
Thanks for the infos. I checked those sites and they are very useful. I can understand written dutch but its still a bit difficult for me understanding spoken dutch, thats what im concentrating on right now

thanks again for the help and i would appreciate if more infos come my way :-)

Have a nice weekend, guys!

01-08-08, 09:47
Have someone else read the dutch for you, so you can repeat the sentences.. Repeating sentences is the hardest part for my fiancee (I read recently that repeating sentences is 75% of your score in the language part of the exam).. Good luck :)

01-08-08, 21:18
Hey there,
hope your preparation is going well!
In any case, what helpem me a lot was this web site:

You can find examples of REAL EXAM there!
I have Naar Nederland materials and can send them to you if you wish (don't need them any more-just passed my exam yuppppiii!)
All the best! Hope you make it!

chilli crab
09-08-08, 23:27
These websites are intended for people that want to prepare themselves for the Civic Integration Examination Abroad. This is the examination that some people need to take in order to obtain an Authorisation for temporary stay (mvv). :

Naar Nederland: http://www.naarnederland.nl/documentenservice/pagina.asp?pagkey=53768

Ik wil naar Nederland: http://www.ikwilnaarnederland.nl/?lang=en

11-08-08, 07:39
Hi all!!!

I wasnt able to log into this site for a while. Im so happy to get your replies.

Yes, Maja, i would really want to have a copy of the naar nederland exam kit.
Thanks Pilott, that site is really good
Chili Crab, those sites are really helpful and i have downloaded the files and i listen to them, thanks!
Also to you Baahmi, im gonna ask my boyfriend to read the dutch words to me and see if i understand them

Thanks a lot guys!

Have a nice week ahead

17-01-09, 11:50
hi girl i have an advice for you...feel relax and dont think that the exam is hard take it easy dnt mind if u passed or not coz if it is your luck u will passed d exam im sure just think that its a game...i just passed d exam thanks GOD but i ddnt study so well

14-10-10, 17:25
Hi, for those of you who already finished & passed the exam, how long does it take before you can fly to Holland? Do you need more months to wait for your visa or does the MVV serves as your entry visa? Your comments and answers will be highly appreciated.


chilli crab
14-10-10, 22:45
The MVV is your entry visa. see: http://www.ind.nl/en/Images/web_IND4012_VVN_ENG_tcm6-595.pdf

20-10-10, 15:59
Thank you so much for the info. Does anyone knows what is the current passing rate for the Civic Integration Exam?

21-10-10, 10:33
The pass rate is almost 90%.

The pass mark for the language test will be increased from 16 to 26 in the near future, this is scheduled for April 1 2011. The pass rate will drop after this, but will probably still be around 80%.

Admiral Donutz
11-05-11, 10:47
It seems there is no stickied thread for English speaking users to share material.

In the Dutch forum section (http://www.buitenlandsepartner.nl/forumdisplay.php?190) about the Civicexam abroad there is a stickied thread with such practise material:

Some of the most useful links shared there:

Practise material:

Other useful links that may help you with learning Dutch:

Explination about the test and the scores:

I think this should cover most of the material regarding training and preparing for the exam.